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BOWE Company is a client focused design firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Kawasumi Lab, Allen Institute
University of Washington

Strategic design and integrated solutions.

BOWE Company provides clients with a better way to utilize information technology as part of their long-term business strategy. Our company adds value to your organization with integrated technologies, web strategy and brand management.

Located in Seattle, Washington, we have helped companies since 1998, identify and achieve their technology, brand, and market goals. Our clients range from small startups to large multinational firms, including retailers, manufacturers, importers, software developers, institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

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BOWE Company Inc.
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Our Services


Industry research, knowledge, and support with professional results.

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Brand Design

Introduce yourself and announce that you have arrived.

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Client specific websites for innovative business.

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Flooring Industry Consultants

BOWE Company clients include mills, suppliers, architects, flooring contractors, project managers, and commercial end users. The products and services BOWE Company offers require it to be constantly engaged in the flooring industry’s products, technology and innovations.

This experience coupled with BOWE Company’s neutrality, makes the firm an ideal choice for knowledgeable and unbiased recommendations about product selection, flooring technology, software, and digital marketing.

Salt Lake City Airport (SLC)

Salt Lake City Airport

Created a Performance Specification Guideline for concourse flooring replacement.



Facilitated the development of the Floor Covering B2B EDI transaction system.

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Public School System

Developed Carpet Standard for public school district use in capital projects.


Brand Management

A company's corporate identity is one of its most valuable assets.

Innovative, intelligent identity

It is the visual extension of a company and when executed properly, conveys a compelling message. It is the cornerstone of your company brand. Corporate identity happens naturally. It is a by-product of doing business.

The impression you make visually becomes an integral part of your success. From an exchanged business card to the company website, the elements that make the sum total of a company's identity are out in full view of the public. It is up to the company to either handle its identity in a calculated manner, or simply hope for the best.

BOWE believes the right choice is the calculated one: move forward with a well-articulated identity that will positively define your company in the marketplace and make it unique.

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The BOWE Corporate Identity program will construct the overall look and feel of your business by producing a compelling visual identity, which can be disseminated throughout all of your collateral material, company facilities, and fleet. Whether we create your visual identity or work with existing material, our finished product will give your company all of the requisites to have a corporate identity that establishes confidence.

Digital Collateral

Today, e-mail makes it possible to communicate with clients without ever printing a piece of paper. Therefore there is a definite need to have digital collateral for electronic communication. From e-mail signatures to presentation programs, a company's corporate identity needs to be consistent and complete across all digital materials.

Print Collateral

Good design means the material communicates the intended message successfully to the reader. This requires the recipient reads the message. Reading takes time, effort, and attention. A document must appear to be worth the reader's time. This goes beyond visual appeal and clear writing. Most writing is never read because of weak or inappropriate design.

Brand Management

BOWE Company will assemble a program that allows your company to make the most of its corporate identity, by consistently deploying it through all the mediums you use to interact with your marketplace. From business cards to your fleet of trucks, and from your presentation material to e-mail, BOWE will help your company manage its brand and maximize its potential and effectiveness.


BOWE Company understands that a web presence is more than just a web page

What information needs to be included? What about design? Who maintains it? What about cost? Where do we start? These are some of the many questions prompted by website development, and your company needs to know the answers.

Domain Strategy

BOWE Company recognizes the importance of your intellectual property and identity on the Internet. We provide a comprehensive approach to domain identification, acquisition, and management.

DNS Management

BOWE Company understands the growing complexity of a successful domain management strategy, which requires careful planning and a well-managed implementation.

Website Design

BOWE Company's web design team offers innovative and unique visual solutions that will establish your company's web presence.

Website Development

At BOWE Company our primary concern is our client's success. We will design and build a unique website tailored to your business that will enhance your long-term strategy.

Website Development includes:

  • User Interface

    Innovative, intelligent technology.

    We don't use technology for technology's sake; we employ cutting-edge tools where appropriate to enhance user experience and the success of your website. Your product is exciting; your website should be as well.

    The web is more than just words and pictures. What should your website say about you?

    What can your website do for you?

  • Project Gallery

    Photos speak louder than words.

    Capabilities, services, and products provide a compelling reason to contact you.

    Share your company's projects visually; the quality of your company's work speaks volumes about you. Show it off!

    A BOWE Project Gallery allows you to put your best foot forward and display what you do. Easy to use, and customizable to match your company's style, your potential clients will see the caliber of your work, and be confident you can handle their projects, as well.

  • Syndicated Content

    Offer customers and clients instant access to numerous online publications.

    The most successful websites are ones that encourage visitors to return, further solidifying the connection to your brand.

    Through our Syndication Service, your site can host issues of current trade publications and magazines -- all updated automatically as new issues and publications are released online. The selection of publications offered can be contextually curated for your particular industry.

  • Document library

    Share documents of multiple types with your clients and employees.

    The online document library allows 24/7 access to documents. Post maintenance guides and directories for clients. Post company newsletters and collateral for employees.

    This is a valuable tool internally and externally for your company.

  • Admin console

    Your personalized site management console gives you comprehensive control over content, permissions, security, and all facets of your website. All of this with a customizable, easy to use, “anyone can do it“ user interface.

  • Video integration

    One word equals a word. A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video demonstration leaves all questions answered.

    Make a video of how you do business, or a demo showing your clients how to do it themselves, and put in on the World Wide Web with 24/7 access. Your reach just became a whole lot longer.

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